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Personal and Ubiquitous Computing publishes peer-reviewed multidisciplinary research on personal and ubiquitous technologies and services. The journal provides a global perspective on new developments in research in areas including user experience for advanced digital technologies, the Internet of Things, big data, social technologies and mobile and wearable devices.

AP’s high school Computer Science A course is a rigorous, college-level class that provides an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize. Bachelor's.

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Applying for undergraduate admission to the Georgia Tech College of Computing is your first step to becoming a graduate of one of the nation's top computing programs.

IEEE Format Citation Generator Used to Create Excellent Essays. Why do we have to cite sources that we use during the process of writing an essay or research paper?

Most Cited Computer Science Citations This list is generated from documents in the CiteSeer x database as of March 19, This list is. In computer science, journals are listed, meaning journals in this field were surveyed.

Of these journals, 96 published or more papers during the period. This ranking of the top 20 by citation impact (citations per paper) should be recognised as distinctly different from Thomson Reuters’ impact factor rankings, which are.

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