Materialized view query re write a sentence

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Materialized View

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query to use a materialized view to improve query response time. This allows users Oracle Materialized Views & Query Rewrite Page 3.

resulting in a significant improvement in query response time and eliminating the Oracle Database 10g Materialized Views & Query Rewrite.

Materialized View Refresh

Jan 10,  · It will then output its findings – if the query can be rewritten, why it cannot be rewritten (if it cannot be), or which materialized view will be used in the rewrite (if it can be) – into the EXPLAIN_REWRITE table (which can be created by running the script).5/5(1).

May 19,  · So I'm reading oradocs on flashback table statements and it mentions When you drop a table, all materialized view logs defined on the table are also. Is this because I cannot use query rewrite in XE? That is correct. *Cause: The specified feature is not enabled. *Action: Do not attempt to use this feature.

The recursive and general mode will intercept all statements that involve the table (or view), disregarding the filter, and transform them to target the second table (or view), adapting the filter condition from your original statement. Oracle can do that with its materialized views like you mentioned, but only if that materialized view has query rewrite enabled and the view is not stale.

But my article attempts to compares SQL Server tables (as described) to Oracle’s stale materialized views That they’re more or less equivalent. I’ll repeat the last sentence of.

Materialized view query re write a sentence
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