Sustainability sony group

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Oxford Properties, established inis a global real estate owner, investor, developer and property manager with a portfolio of office, retail, industrial, multi-residential and hotel assets. Wholly owned by the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System sincethe company is headquartered in Toronto with regional head offices in New York, London, Singapore and Luxembourg.

On 21 Februarythe world's best interiors and designers were honoured at the Frame Awards Show, with the crème de la crème of the interior design world in attendance.

Sony and the Environment

EXAMINING SUSTAINABILITY In we undertook a global study in the hope of shedding light on how well firms at the top of major industries are responding to the new leadership challenge.

Tokyo, Japan—Sony Corporation today published its Sustainability Report on the Sony website.

Kellogg, Sony and others sign up to emissions goals

The report outlines the long-term approach the Sony Group takes to sustainability across its various businesses, details achievements in the fiscal year ended March 31, ("FY"), and describes how Sony is creating social value through innovation.

View and Download Sony Xperia C user manual online.

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Xperia C Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: Xperia c Sony recognizes the utmost importance of a healthy global environment, and has made sustainable development the Group’s top business priority.

Oxford Properties

This entails utilizing Sony’s environmental resources in a manner that will also allow future generations to achieve their potential in health, wealth and happiness.

Sustainability sony group
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Leading the green way - Sustainability at Sony DADC